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No matter what project you take on within the home, UFC Video Blog is here to help you answer some tough questions.
From carpet cleaning to hiring a great plumber we arm you with the information needed to help homeowners make the best decisions possible before they make expensive mistakes. We help you make the best decisions before parting with your hard earned money.
UFC contractors blog breaks down the tough questions to ask any service company or contractor before you actually hire them.
Our areas of expertise are, water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, roofing,plumbing and mold remediation.
Each of these specialized fields can cost homeowners a lot of money and lots of headaches and stress if you accidentally choose the wrong company. We hear story after story where a client thought they choose an ethical company (after all, there website looked good) but as it turned out, everything on the website was a lie.
We always instruct clients to make a short list of choices, no more than 3 to 5 companies for any given service. The follow these steps.

  1. Google Search each company with the search term “scam” along side the company name.
  2. While searching Google, add in the word reviews.
  3. Look to outside citation websites such as yelp, yellow pages and home advisor for proof of exceptional client interaction. Be cautious of BBB listings as these are a “Paid for” service and endorsed A+ ratings are available as long as you pay your membership.
  4. Narrow down your choices based on what you find and then call the company and ask for 2 to 3 referrals from clients serviced WITHIN the last 6 months. Why 6 months? We find that in many companies service techs can come and go so you want to make sure that their reviews are as current as possible. A lot can change within a company over a year.
  5. When you feel comfortable, ask for a in home estimate and make sure someone else is home with you. Spouse, friend or neighbor. This assures you a little protection should the representative from the company be questionable. BEWARE… your safety is paramount when inviting a stranger into your home.

Enjoy our site and click on any image below to be taken to a specialty page with more specific questions and warnings within each service specialty.


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